The Shadow’s Torment progress and other updates

It’s been close to a year since our last update here. (Btw, you’ll wanna follow us on Mastodon at for more up-to-date info. We post updates more frequently over there.)

At any rate, our second story is coming along quite well. It’s currently sitting at just over 17,600 words. For comparison, The Shadow’s Prison is 20,552 words long.

Unfortunately, we’ve been sitting at 17,600 words for a couple months now. Things have been rough for us over the past few months — ironically not due to COVID, so finding the energy to write has been nearly impossible.

The good news is that the remaining scenes are all planned out already, so all we have to do is actually write them out, then proofread the entire thing and publish.

Lastly, we’re not sure if we’ve mentioned this on here or not, but in case we haven’t, we’ve switched to plural pronouns because we’re plural. We discovered this shortly before we released The Shadow’s Prison and have been using plural pronouns for nearly a year now.

Alicia is the main personality. Tomaya has been fronting a lot more than Alicia as of late. She’s sorta like an older sister to Alicia. (Hi. Tomaya here. I’m the one writing this post. ^_^ )

Lilith is a succubus and basically acts as our mom/protector. Lilith’s Ascension to the Throne is her story, btw.

And we also have Freya (Lilith’s pet cat), Caytlen, and Skye.

With the exception of Skye, everyone uses she/her pronouns. Skye will use any pronouns you want to use, though he usually prefers he/him. Unlike the rest of us, Skye is genderfluid and switches too constantly for any pronouns to fit for too long, so we all kinda gave up trying. XD

Anyway, we hope we can find time to finish up The Shadow’s Torment. If you enjoyed the first one, we think you’ll enjoy this one too.

The Shadow’s Prison is finally coming!

That’s right! The first of the trilogy is finally ready to be released. I have a special plan for it, too. The story itself takes place over a weekend, with the short opening that’s currently up there in the menu taking place on Thursday.

So with the main story taking place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, each day of the story will be released at noon EST on their respective days at the end of this week starting on Friday the 13th.

I’ve even added a brand new introduction on the menu page for The Shadow to celebrate!

Update: I now have PDF and EPUB downloads available for offline reading! Enjoy!

Misc Stuff

Added a page for a bunch of miscellaneous stuff I’ve thought up over the years. Short scenes whose larger story I don’t plan to ever finish or even just general story ideas I don’t think I’ll ever get around to writing.

Feel free to read, and stay tuned, cuz I’m still slowly chugging along and almost have the first story for The Shadow finished. (Finally!)

I also have a more lighthearted story on the way. It’s not gonna be as polished as The Shadow, but it’s in the same universe. She even makes an appearance! Whether or not it’s actually canon with The Shadow’s stories themselves, though, I haven’t decided.

And lastly, seeing as how I don’t think I’ve posted this here (or at least in a long while), you can find me on the Fediverse (an alternative to Twitter) here.

Update 2019-09-17: I also have an account exclusively dedicated to story updates here. This second account also includes updates for my open software coding ventures, if anyone’s interested.


Obviously I was not in a good place with my last post. Things are definitely better, though I still have a long way to go in properly addressing the situation forced upon me. My stories aren’t on hiatus anymore, but due to this, progress will be slower than before.

My main focus is The Shadow’s Prison, formerly known as The Shadow’s Torment. The Shadow’s Torment will now be the title of the second story in the series. I’m putting a lot more effort into this one, but I think people will be pleased with the result.

In addition, some might’ve noticed a new story added to the list. Rell’s Sister is a fanfic for the free-to-play game Warframe. It will be relatively short, consisting of just a single story, and The Shadow is still my main focus.

So that’s the basic situation. If you’re interested in a more day-to-day update on my life, you can always follow me on the Fediverse at:

While I’ve been trying to post more frequent updates here, I still tend to post more over there.

New Story: The Shadow’s Torment

The Shadow’s Torment is now added to the list of stories. This one is extremely dark compared to previous stories. Furthermore, there’s a content warning for explicit rape in the first chapter & implicit later on as the first chapter is referenced from time to time. Keep this in mind if you plan on reading it and prepare yourself accordingly.

In terms of my other stories, I’m getting closer to finishing Blade Dancer Katsumi: Reflections of the Past and I’ve started on What Makes a Monster? Chapter 3. Everything else is kinda stalled at the moment, but I’ll eventually get to them too.

Update 2019-09-17: I forgot to mention that I took these two chapters down a while back in order to make way for a redo as a trilogy of full novella-length books.

As of this past weekend, The Shadow’s Prison, the new name of the first of these books, is completed and released. The Shadow’s Torment will be the name of the second story instead.

Site Update


Okay. I have the new pages prepared. Gonna start working on the menu to add them in. The story links will be updated after that. Again, sorry for any inconvenience, but it should be easier for me to organize new stories with this setup without having unnecessary layers. Shouldn’t take me but 10-15 minutes.

UPDATE 11:56am – All done! Enjoy! If a link isn’t working, please let me know.

Site Maintenance

Over the next few days, I plan to redo some stuff. Namely, I wanna separate each story’s table of contents and link each one from the main menu instead of the current method of linking to one big story list.

I’ll probably prepare the new pages first, then post another update letting y’all know I’m about to change the links. Once that happens, it shouldn’t take but maybe 10-15 minutes to finish it all. After that, you might need to update bookmarks if you’ve bookmarked any individual story.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Of course, it’s late tonight, so I won’t be changing anything right now. I might start work on the new pages, but the links as they are will still work.

Also, I noticed I messed up the url to chapter 3 of Myths and Mortals when I published it. I fixed it, so it should work now. Sorry about that.

If you ever find a link that isn’t working, please let me know so I can fix it.