Obviously I was not in a good place with my last post. Things are definitely better, though I still have a long way to go in properly addressing the situation forced upon me. My stories aren’t on hiatus anymore, but due to this, progress will be slower than before.

My main focus is The Shadow’s Prison, formerly known as The Shadow’s Torment. The Shadow’s Torment will now be the title of the second story in the series. I’m putting a lot more effort into this one, but I think people will be pleased with the result.

In addition, some might’ve noticed a new story added to the list. Rell’s Sister is a fanfic for the free-to-play game Warframe. It will be relatively short, consisting of just a single story, and The Shadow is still my main focus.

So that’s the basic situation. If you’re interested in a more day-to-day update on my life, you can always follow me on the Fediverse at: https://octodon.social/@KitsuneAlicia

While I’ve been trying to post more frequent updates here, I still tend to post more over there.


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