Blade Dancer Katsumi (Naruto)

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Katsumi is a young trans girl living in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. She’s had a harrowing past and her chosen path will lead her into ever more danger, but her heart holds true. She only seeks to prevent more sadness by protecting the ones who are unable to protect themselves. In this world, becoming a ninja is the perfect way to do that. Join her in this series of stories as she navigates her way through life, makes some friends, fights enemies, and learns about herself and the world.

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The Rising Stars Tournament

A young girl enters a tournament for up and coming ninja in her hometown in an effort to test her skills. Along the way, she makes some new friends and faces old enemies. But is there more to it than that? Could she be hiding a dark and dangerous secret?

Part 1: Sign-Up: An Uncomfortable Beginning
Part 2: The Arena: The Past Awaits
Part 3: The Tournament Begins: Fighters Revealed
Part 4: Round One: Aspirations
Part 5: Round Two: Blocking the Blitz
Part 6: Round Three, Semifinals: Confronting the Past
Part 7: Round Four, The Finals: Stars Burn Bright
Part 8: The Aftermath: Recuperation
Part 9: The Awards: Easing Fears

Reflections of the Past

After her success in the tournament, Katsumi continues her journey to become a ninja. She works her way through the academy and becomes a ninja, joining her former competitors, Akito and Haruna, as well as her sensei, Tenten, in her squad. But during training one day, she missteps and causes trouble for her teammates. Scared over what she did, she ran. As she works to recover from the shock, she reflects on how she got to where she was. Her troubled past, which briefly reared its ugly head during the tournament, gets explained and her motivations for her chosen path revealed.

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